Earlier this year I succesfully applied to the All Tech Is Human responsible technology mentorship program. I now have monthly meetings with my mentor and my fellow mentee to discuss our goals, plans and actions around responsible technology and our careers. I spoke about my Bristol inclusive technology project and working towards going to present the work in the Netherlands this summer and my developing interest in ESG related to my job.

My goal for this month was to map out some of the areas of ESG. However, once I did this I realised how frustrated I was about the state of ESG data and I realised this was something I wanted to look into, do some work on, write about etc. But then I thought, well wouldnt it be great to have somewhere to share these things. The final piece of the puzzle was seeing someone elses website on LinkedIn built with Gatsby a package/language I had never heard of before. But now, here we are.

I started the code for this website [7.77] days ago. So things are still a work in progress.

I tend to get inspired by an idea and feel an intense need to pursue it until it is done, a bit like someone has poured gasoline on a fire. This isn't true for everything though. There are some ideas which provide a more steady source of fuel. For me, this is things like protecting the environment, human rights, being compassionate and considerate to others, and how we can use the tools we have to achieve good things in the world.